Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

📦 Before You Order 📦

📦 Before You Order 📦
Welcome to TinyTokyo Toys Item Ordering FAQ! We hope to answer your most common questions about making an order for a pre-order item or an item that is in stock.

What are some things I should know about before making an order?

Available items will have a green "ADD TO CART" button active.

Pre-Order items will have a red button and you can choose to do a "FULL PAYMENT" or a "DOWNPAYMENT".

Pricing can fluctuate based on Japanese market prices and time (generally placing your order earlier will secure you the cheapest price). *** No cancellations can be made due to price fluctuations ***

Hot Items may get sold out very quickly. There could be scenarios where our system could not create a successful order despite a successful payment. Please send us a ticket if you encounter this issue with a proof of payment and the JAN/REF code of the item you were attempting to purchase along with your chosen shipping method.

Pre-order Bonuses will have a note on the product description describing what type of bonus will come with the order. If nothing is written about a bonus then no bonus will be included in your order.

Pre-Order Release Dates are usually only mentioned during the release month. As our shipments from manufacturers tend to arrive near the end of the month, please expect shipments for said pre-ordered items to arrive in the early days of the succeeding month.

Postponed Releases will be updated on our product page should we receive word from the manufacturer regarding any delays. Please note we will not be able to provide full compensation should you wish to cancel based on this reason. Please see our cancellation policy for more detail.

❌ Cancellations/Refund Policy Pre-Order Items ❌

❌ Cancellations/Refund Policy Pre-Order Items ❌

🔴Case 1: A pre-order that has already been paid for🔴

✨ Cancellation requests made
before the 14th day on the product release date month will be refunded with a 10% cancellation fee.

✨ Cancellation requests
after this deadline will be subjected to a 15% fee applied to the entire order.

For Example:

Product A - Releases on 2022/05/XX

Cancellation must be done before 2022/05/14

Cancellation fee will be at 10%

In the case of delays resulting in Manufacturer Postponed Releases, no cancellations will be exempt from the above rule.

🔴Case 2: Reservation for a pre-order made via Down Payment

You may cancel your Down Payment by sending a customer support ticket with the
order reference. Please note that the number of pre-order cancellations on your account will have an impact on your account standing for our loyalty perks and other services planned for the future. Your down payment will not be refunded. This is to allow us to recuperate some of the overhead in the processing your order.

❌ Cancellations FAQs ❌

Can I request for a cancellation/refund for an order that has already been shipped?
We cannot accept any cancellation, exchange, or refund requests for orders that have already been shipped to the Philippines. To minimize inconvenience, please ensure to cancel before the item reaches shipped status.

✨How long do refunds take to be processed?
Please allow up to 7 business days from the day a refund was processed to have it reflect onto your records. In special cases that a refund is approved for a transaction that was made more than 6 months ago, additional time may be required to process your refund.

How will I know that my order has been cancelled/refunded?
Any changes will reflect on your account order history. Please check your registered email as our system will send you an update confirming a change in your order status.

If I used a voucher on a cancelled order will my used voucher return?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to return your voucher if you used it on a canceled order. To avoid wastage, please be very careful before deciding to use your voucher on an order that you might cancel.

🤬Received Damaged/Lost Goods FAQ🤬

🤬Received Damaged/Lost Goods FAQ🤬

💢What can I do if I receive a damaged product?
In the unfortunate case that you receive a damaged product, here are a couple steps you can follow to have your case resolved. Please send us a ticket within 3 days of receiving your package with the following information:

1. As many clear photos showing the damaged area.
2. Include photos of your box, packaging material, and anything to prove that there was sufficient/insufficient protection.
3. Include your tracking number and Order Reference (9 Alphanumeric Code) in the ticket.
4. Please set your ticket type to "Damaged Product".

We also recommend that products of significant value are delivered to you via meetups to help ensure that you receive your item in pristine condition.

What sort of compensation can I expect to receive?
In the case that the item was damaged on transit, we will open a claim with the courier along with the proof you sent us in your ticket to provide compensation. Please note that compensation will be determined based on the declared value on the parcel. We will investigate all issues on a case-by-case basis.

What should I do if my package was lost?
Once a package has left our warehouse and was reported as lost, we will coordinate with the courier for details of the situation and with you for the next steps to take. We also recommend that you also contact your courier or postal services provider and inquire about your package using the tracking number or reference codes provided.

If a package is taking an abnormally long time to arrive, please also consult with your customs office or courier as certain shipping methods can take much longer to arrive than expected.