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Maker: Cover

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Series Title: Hololive

《Item Description》
Order Period: December 29 to 18:00, January 30, 2023 (JST)
Scheduled to be Shipped: Estimated to be around early June to early July 2023.

《Set Contents》
◇4 Celebration Merch Items
・WATAME NO UTA vol.2.5
 Art by ふーみ
 Number of CDs: 1
 Number of tracks: 4

 01.Dreamy sheep
 Lyrics by Tsunomaki Watame
 Music and arrangement by Shota Horie

 02.Kimiiro Hanamizuki
 Lyrics by Tsunomaki Watame
 music by Taro Shibayama
 arrangement by Keisuke Yamasaki

  03.Happy day to you!
 Lyrics by Tsunomaki Watame
 Music and arrangement by Shota Horie

  bonus track.Jingisudan Rap
 Lyrics, music, and arrangement by Tsunomaki Ginyu Shijin Dan

*Tracks that are featured in this CD will be streamed as digital contents prior to shipping.

・Acrylic Standee
 Art by 佐倉おりこ
 Size: After assembly/ Approx. H150×W80×D60mm
 Material: Acrylic

 Designed by Tsunomaki Watame
 Size: Approx. ⌀70×H137mm / Volume: Approx. 420ml
 Material: Glass

・Watamate Plushie
 Size: Approx. H220×W160×D130mm
 Material: Polyester

・Polaroid-style bromide card with a duplicated foil-stamped autograph from Tsunomaki Watame. (Art by ふーみ)
・Bonus Voice: "3rd Anniversary Special Thanks Voice in 2022"

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